The Hoover Canjo is designed after an early 1800's musical instrument created by mountain folk in North Carolina. Henry discovered this instrument while studying mountain music folklore. He was intrigued by it's simplicity. He built one to play… and it was so enjoyable he built another for Alice. More and more people asked for the instrument, so Henry  set up his shop and started making Canjos. 

Henry uses different types of hardwoods to hand make each Canjo. The Canjo has a long neck with a  single banjo string attached. Yes, that is a Spam can. Henry tried many different can types to find the sound he was looking for and the Spam can (because of the silicone lining, we think)  does it best. They are all tuned to the key of D, but you can change that if you like.

The Canjo is very simple to play and has really been a hit with musicians, non-musicians, youngsters, people of all ages.

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Henry at work in his shop building canjos. Each one is a work of art.
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Mountain Man Henry
The Mountain folk have a saying...
"If there's smoke on the mountain, God's home... and there's always smoke on the mountain."